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EGC/NADAC Avalon Agility Wow!
« on: April 29, 2012, 08:25:15 PM »
WOW, WOW, WOW ... it was a gooder!

The weekend started on Friday night with an unexpected cold, wet, snowy Friday night and a very wet, soggy Saturday and Sunday.  But, we are very tough Canadians ( and the token Americans, lol) and it did not bother us in the least.  Friday night brought us 103 runs of Extreme Gators and Extreme Hoopers.  Some teams had played EGC already, some were brand new.  All the teams ROCKED it!  It was awesome to see everyone having so much fun. 

The weekend NADAC trial was very well managed by Judge Blair Bloxham.  He had time for every new exhibitor, and even helped us start training our brand new course builder, Carla Antal.  Liane Bitinsky as our Chief Course builder did her usual wonderful job.  Audrey Bloxham and Della Loewen managed the trial secretary duties so well that the results were usually out before people even thought about checking them.  My good friends Jackie Tomayer and Shelley Grimley fed us each day, it was wonderful to have a concession on site!  Jill Best, as always, was there for every little thing that needed to be done, she is one of the reasons Avalon Agility can do what we do.

Every volunteer spot was filled every class, I don't think we ever had to call for help.  Donella Hoffman was the lucky volunteer who won a free trial entry, congrats Donella!

Thanks to all for supporting the trial.  For me, it was the best Avalon trial yet.

Alanna Leach
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Alanna Leach