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FUN RMDS Trial in Montana
« on: October 29, 2012, 09:48:38 AM »
I just wanted to thank all of the Rocky Mountain Dog Stars Club members for hosting a wonderful trial last weekend at Yellowstone Dog Sports!!  We had a great group of exhibitors from Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota and LUCKILY the weather cooperated and everyone was able to GET HERE and GET HOME with NO SNOW!!  We had wonderful food all weekend thanks to club members Rachael Roper and Chef Carla and the other RMDS members who volunteered their time in concessions!!  LOTS of help building courses.  Great judge Traci Bruchok (I hope I spelled that correctly).  LOTS of Novice Dogs and Handlers with several earning FIRST EVER Qs!! Cindy Herman brought a great agility cake. Caity Hall won the Halloween Crate decorating contest.  Music by the LaBamba Dog. Bonnie Fauskee and Rip dressed up like Crayons (photos on YDS Facebook Page).   Lots of other dog and handler costumes: ghouls, ghosts and NASCAR ??? 
Congrats to Tiffany Thovson and JAYDEN who earned their NATCH!!  And after over 600 runs and some tough competition, the following dogs and handlers earned High in Trial awards:
ELITE - Gro Aasgaard and KYLIE from Calgary, OPEN - Mike Eggum and KIKO from Red Lodge, NOVICE - Bree Caldwell and SISSY from Helena, MIXED BREED - Ann Jussero and TEDDY from North Dakota, NON-HERDING BREED - Tiffany Thovson and JAYDEN from South Dakota.
Thanks to ALL exhibitors for the supportive atmosphere and really FUN Trial!!


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Re: FUN RMDS Trial in Montana
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2012, 10:40:24 PM »
Huge thanks to Rocky Mountain Dog Stars for hosting an exceptionally FUN weekend of agility at Yellowstone Dog Sports.  As always I love the comraderie and supportive atmosphere, as well as the great food and the many excuses to celebrate with cake!   It is also great fun to watch the success of the many new teams and especially the first time exhibitors.

Congratulations to the many achievements posted on the brag board and especially to Tiffany and Jaydeen on earning their NATCH!  Great job!

I have had a wonderful summer so I am a little sad that my Montana agility season is over.  Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality and the great friendships.  I am already looking forward to coming back in the spring.

A Jussero

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Re: FUN RMDS Trial in Montana
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2012, 08:15:29 AM »
Second to all that was posted.  You are so far from me but it is so worth the trip, new teams to watch this time, some exciting pairs and some darn cute ones, too!  Watching the bonus runs/attempts with awe, they were great ones.  First time with Judge Burchok, Sharon, she's a keeper!
My red puppy also had a dog heaven time running in the fields, playing in the mud/water gravel pit and then re-finding that irrigation canal to run in until I had to leash her and pull her out!  The HIT & Q's were nice but the whole experience was priceless.  Thanks to everyone.
Ann J.