Author Topic: A radical idea un-wired humans at agility trials .  (Read 7611 times)

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Re: A radical idea un-wired humans at agility trials .
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I love technology. But I love it best when it won't interfere with my ability to socialize with my agility friends! Like others, I tend to work at the trials if I am not running my dogs - I like to feel like a big part of what is going on. I learn by watching far more experienced handlers than I (not that I can necessarily make it happen with my own dogs), too. I bring my phone in but rarely ever even look at it until the trial is done. THEN I am certainly on it with friends and family who were not at the trial!

I love agility, dogs, dog people .... So when I have the chance to be around all three, I too leave the technology for later. It doesn't particularly bother me if others don't, but I do usually feel a little sorry for them.
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