Author Topic: trial challenges according to venue (things like dust, insects, etc.)  (Read 1760 times)


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What kinds of things do you do to prepare for trials in winter versus summer?  Indoor versus outdoor?  For your health?  For the dog's health?

Unfortunately, I ended up in the ER after a wonderful NADAC trial with a severe asthmatic attack from the dust. We did not even really notice just how much dust a trial kicks up in an indoor dirt ring/crating area until it was too late.  Now, after the ER, people tell me lots of other people wear masks at that one venue.. or stay outdoors unless running if it is warm enough (it was).  Once we took classes in a dirt arena-- but 5 dogs running for one hour is a lot different than 350 dogs running for 3 days straight!  What preparation wisdom would you share that might not be immediately obvious before a trial?

I am curious if people have any other tips about seasonal trial preparations for those new enough not to have seen the seasonal changes.

Any good tips to be able to stay out of the building but know what is going on inside the rings?
Merri Crawford