Author Topic: Android App for Viewing New Msgs to Forum  (Read 2820 times)

Glennda Sutton

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Android App for Viewing New Msgs to Forum
« on: May 08, 2012, 10:10:14 AM »
I started using the Google Reader app to view new posts to the forum.  It was a bit overwhelming at first because it downloaded everything that had been on the forum to date.  Then I found the button to mark everything as read.  So now I can see the new items.  For those who prefer an email style download and want an app for their android this was great and FREE.  It's gReader by noinnion.  Here's the link or you can find it through your app store.

Once I had it loaded I put NADAC forum in the search and it found it with no problem.
Glennda Sutton