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Re: Trial results
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Waiting on results for Oct 20-22, NADAC trial hosted by Mountain Dog Sports in Brighton CO
for Katie 11-12299. 

It's no huge deal.. except she got 2 new titles.  :-)  I am stuck home sick and not doing agility or even able to go watch agility after a massive asthma attack I got from breathing the dirt field over that weekend at the same time as catching some virus.   :-(    Bored, not a patient patient...anxious to see the fun part of that weekend not just all the asthma medicine I am still on, LOL.  I bought a mask for her next NADAC trial (same place)and probably won't be able to sit inside the building like I did last time.  I am just bored to tears trying to get better.

Other than the asthma thing, it was a great trial.  I am most thankful for the great job Mountain Dog Sports does organizing trials.  These are definitely some of the most fun trials we have been to-- in part because they are NADAC and also in part because things run smoothly thanks to those who organize.
Merri Crawford

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Re: Trial results
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Chris might not have uploaded them yet, he was judging over the weekend.


Thank you!
Lee Anne