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Agility Fido Funnies Volume 2
« on: November 18, 2012, 02:15:51 PM »
Three Pines is working on Fido Funnies Volume 2 right now.  We have amassed almost 100 clips of the funniest, cutest and greatest moments imaginable from the footage we've captured.  We have TDAA, AKC And of course NADAC included in this volume. If you have questions, please email   If you ordered volume one and didn't like all the talking, then be prepared to be thrilled at this new volume.  It has no talking, all funnies.  Nothing to get in the way of your viewing pleasure.  You spoke, we listened. 

This volume, like volume one is a fund raiser for SCAF  and also for Corgi Pals  These two amazing canine assitance funds are in great need.  Please check them out for yourselves.  If you ordered volume one we'd like to say thank you and give you a $5.00 discount on Volume Two.  Go to and at the end use coupon code FF2 for the $5.00.  If you'd like to see this money go toward one of the above listed organizations, please just say so in the notes and don't use the coupon.  Let us know which one you'd like or split it between the two. Our paypal site also takes the six months same as cash option with orders over $99.00, consider giving them as gifts!!

Thanks again everyone for your wonderful participation. 
Mary Grabau
Three Pines Productions LLC
Po Box 116
Wilsall MT 59086