Author Topic: Update on Moab Lodging for April 2013  (Read 815 times)


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Update on Moab Lodging for April 2013
« on: November 19, 2012, 01:50:46 PM »
I haven't gotten much in the way of offers for group rates, but I'm still trying.
LaQuinta seems to be the most willing - though (of course) it is one of the more expensive ones normally.
They DO have availability for the two weekends (and week in-between) in April, so that's the good news.
They need to have TEN rooms booked, for any group rate to take effect.
I should be hearing back from them this afternoon as to what the actual rate will be.
Just a heads up, their 'normal' - that time of year - for two queen beds is <major gulp here> $169.   :'(

I have only had two inquiries from y'all so far (Denise and Barbara), so if you are considering coming, and need a hotel room, PLEASE send me a private message ASAP.
And if you know of anyone else who might be thinking about it who isn't on the Forum (horrors!), please let them know.

Another possibility, if LQ doesn't get enough for a group rate, or if you're willing to go elsewhere:

This is actually a number of different places, and the owner actually used to do agility!  So might be more willing to make accommodations for our group.

Again, please PM me if you are looking for a hotel, and I"ll keep trying!