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Sharon Nelson

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Online seminar videos
« on: December 20, 2012, 12:20:42 AM »
Hi, group.
    Several people asked if I could post a "sample" video from the online seminar group.  I have posted one here and it shows just one of 50+ videos that I have posted.  These are all very informal videos and we are following the progression of the pups, Sketcher (BC), Mr. Dibz (mini aussie) and Juvi (Schipperke).  All of the pups are 4 to 4 1/2 months and we will follow all training for the next several years.  We also have adult, untrained dogs with Glee, Flight, Cheezer, Tripp, and several rescue dogs while they are there.  Busi makes her appearances when we want to demo some of the advanced exercises.
   The video posted shows 4 month old Sketcher with a sit down discussion of the 10 step food program that is part of the foundation of the training that I use.
   You will see that the videos are very laid back and we post 10-12 hours of video lessons each week and discuss any parts that people want to discuss.  The first one is quite slow and is just lecture!
   The second video is one of a series on teaching directionals.  Some of the comments in the video refer to previous videos but the basics are there.  Again, this is informal training done in the evenings several times a week.


Discussion of 10 step using Sketcher

So here I am working Busi a bit with directionals.  She is a more advanced dog, so be sure if you have a new dog, young dog, or one that needs re-training.... don't push!!  It is so easy to see the "end picture" and skip lots of steps to hurry to get there.... but make sure that you lay down a great foundation so the end picture doesn't have a weak base or holes in it!!

Busi with directionals

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LeeAnne McAdam

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Re: Online seminar videos
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2012, 05:20:24 AM »
If you're on the fence about the online seminar group, I believe it is by far the best value out there.  Having had the good fortune of seeing Sharon a couple of times, I had a superficial understanding of what she does, but seeing all the videos has really strengthened my understanding where I was on the right track and clarified some misconceptions I was carrying around.

The dogs are all awesome (and adorable to boot) and a nice selection of different temperaments and skill sets...easy to find one that is similar to what you might be working with.

Sharon is most patient answering questions.  I can't imagine a better deal.  You can watch at your convenience, in your jammies or not I believe it's been said ;),  and as many times as you want until you feel like you've got it.  Seriously, no travel cost, no off work requests, no seminar stress (for dogs or handlers) yourself and your dogs a favor and sign up for Christmas!
Lee Anne

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Online seminar videos
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I sooooooo agree LeeAnne - I am way behind right now, but love knowing all the videos are there patiently waiting for me - I have worked with Sharon quite a bit, but to be able to see her work with dogs regularly has been so amazing for me and for my dogs and especially helpful as I do not have access to any regular classes - well, there are lots of classes around where I live, but none that are NADAC focused so all of a sudden it's as if there is a NADAC/Sharon type class any day I want!!!  It's the best investment I've ever made.

Karen and the wild Terriers

Karen and the Wild Terriers