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Cocoa looks so intense in this photo.

Awww we have a Kachina on our SAR team. Little black lab puppy in training.


--- Quote from: cheyaut on March 26, 2017, 10:31:14 AM ---I don't think I"ve shared a photo of Squirrel! on here. She's a toy aussie who turns 3 next month. She's my challenge dog... she is fast, smart, and has fun, but she is sooooooo social, that keeping her from jumping in everyone's lap is a challenge lol! (I've learned not to enter classes with pole setters yet... and if the course heads toward the scribe/timer table, uh oh LOL)

She managed to get her first Q recently, in Intro Tunnelers. It was such a big deal to us, I asked the judge to take a photo with us, like you do for NATCH's LOL! She's going to be great... eventually ;)

--- End quote ---

My Ritzy used to visit anyone in the ring and back then when you went to the line they would often say, "Is this (dog's name)?"  I knew when that happened that at some point in the run she was going to say hi as it would be rude to ignore them!  She even greeted the judge if they were anywhere near the path.  She literally figured those people were "obstacles" to perform.  I didn't fight it - I actually put it on cue, so then I could call her away and move on to the next obstacle.  I may have even taken advantage of it a few times to get a cross in...  Eventually she sorted it all out, but those are some of my best agility memories with her.

:) When we aren't doing agility....we are doing our first passions

Lynne Almeida:
That is so cool Amata!  Amazing!


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