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LeeAnne McAdam:
Thanks for all the information, Amata, and happy searching with your girl!

Marcy Matties:
So I'm curious about what all transpired between the video and initial digging, and the picture that showed that enormous cave from the inside. 

Between find and big chamber? A LOT. Including the most stuck Ive ever been in a cave LOL.
It was a years worth of “work” between day Edraith found the hole until we were done surveying. About 20 trips in total. The 5th trip is when we dropped into the massive chamber; there was a lot to get through until then not just constriction wise (hint: if you exclaim a crawl is crushing your boobs, it will be named the Boob Crushing Crawl!) but also safety wise for rigging the vertical drops.  The first day in the main chamber we got agoraphobic, not an uncommon phenomon actually because you cant see walls but everything echos shifts and moves because the boulders are all loose. Even after into the main chamver, the boulders were so large (car to multistory house size) it took a couple of trips to just navigate the safest routes. So now, i could do a round trip in there in 5 hours. Then, it took that long to figure out a few hundred feet. I have a full report if you want just message me.

Our Denver Dumb Friends League rescue Katie got her V-NATCH in October, she loves agility and the open NADAC courses :-)   Katie turned 8 last month (Feb 2018).

Blessed Samhain :)


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