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Here's a picture of my Black & Tan English Cocker Spaniel, Beau.

Mary Kapner:
This is my up-and-coming agility boy, China (aka Chi), sporting his very first agility ribbon earned this past summer in Beginning Agility.

Chris Nelson:
In no particular order 8)

Jean Sather (McCreight):
Here are my two -- both posing as ski buddies today rather than agility dogs ... :)  Zack the lab x brittany and Tux the BC/lab? (both rescues)

Here are my 4.
A-frame :  10+ year old cockerspaniel/poodle Sydney
Jumping : 7 year old deaf mini aussie Cody
Head shot : 3 year old NADAC rescue BC/spaniel? mix Wish (recently retired from agility)
On the blue carpet:  11 week old BC baby boy Ketch (awesome puppy :-)


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