Author Topic: UPDATE to the FAST Software Program  (Read 1257 times)

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UPDATE to the FAST Software Program
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:05:52 PM »
If you use FAST you should be aware that it was updated on Jan 7.  A cool function of the new version is that it now contains an override for the per-run cost on EACH entry.  Jack Mathieson and Paul Kirk were kind enough to add this feature over the holidays.  It allows clubs who use a price scale based on the total number of runs a handler purchased to more easily enter the run cost.   I tried it and it is EASY!

You just enter the basic per run cost at initialization, but when you get to an entry of a dog whose handler is getting price break, you no longer have to figure the "discount" per run, instead, you can just enter that handler's rate!

Jeff L.