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Canine Kinship Celebrations!
« on: January 15, 2013, 07:44:00 AM »
The Canine Kinship trial celebrated a great weekend.  Thank you to everyone that entered and everyone that particpated in keeping the trial running smoothly.  Ron Young, our judge, is always a pleasure as he is professional and always has a smile.  Congratulations to Daniel Speck and Comet for earning the very special Brother Vincent Spirit of Agility Award.  Ron Young chose Daniel and Comet because of the visible connection between this dog and handler team.  Congratulations Daniel and Comet not only for the Brother Vincent Award but for your outstanding success and earning 7 qualifiying runs out of 8 possibilities!!  Another celebration ensued for Darryl Power and Bristol who earned their 6th NATCH and V-NATCH!  In her own classic style, Paula Goss and Trae celebrated a big 7th Versatility NATCH.  As an annual event, we all celebrated with Tom Moloney-Harmon and Maddie ~ Maddie turned 15 years old and still ran like the wind.  In honor of Maddie's 15th birthday and in honor of the special relationship between Tom and Maddie, I gifted Tom with a hand woven scarf made from a collection of Maddie's beautiful hair combined with with alpaca wool.  Maddie's hair and the wool were carded together and then spun into yarn for the very special hand woven scarf.  In addition to a scarf for Tom and Maddie, I also surprised Lisa Bonker with a scarf made from Moxie's hair that I collected at last year's trial and had it made in the same fashion as Tom's and Maddie's.  Lisa's and Moxie's scarf was to honor them as a special team and to acknowledge and celebrate the friendship and "history" that Lisa, Moxie, and I share!  So many fun and fond memories of driving back and forth to spend time with Sharon in Idaho.  There was a time that Lisa did not drive the motorhome as she was afraid to drive so I did all the driving.  When the road simply ended and turned into the dirt plains in North Dakota, I drove us 4-wheeling in the motorhome into the unknown!  Lisa and I traveled thousands of miles together and never had a cross word between us ~ I respected her quirks and she respected mine  :).  We are both still quirky in so many ways but I suppose that is just one of the reasons our friendship endures the test of time.  Many thanks to Tom for building the courses and to Paula for being the perfectly perfect ring princess.  Thanks to Lisa and Dwayne for all the trial and computer is no secret that I am not a computer genius. Thank you Priscialla Warnock from everyone at the trial for organizing and ordering lunch and for picking Ron up from the airport!! Thank you Peg and Mary Lyde for all your help and for helping us clean the building ~ we passed with a grade of 100% ~ !  I will end with an special thank you to Ron for enduring his cancelled flight due to the fog and for staying over an extra night!!  It is ironic that when we had a weekend with temps over 50 degrees that the flight was cancelled given that his previous flights have taken off in snow, ice, and other less than perfect conditions.  We have been approved for the Penn State Ag Arena for January 10, 11, 12, 2014.  I will get my trial application into Sharon ASAP.  We are looking forward to yet another great trial in 2014.  Thank you all for coming and for your continued support!  Curt and I are heading to Mexico on February 1st to spend a few months while Curt studies the Maya culture with respect to the textile patterns and its geometry.  May you all have a year filled with health, happiness, and clean fast runs!  See you in 2014. Wags, Vickie and Curt ~ Canine Kinship

Maureen deHaan

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Re: Canine Kinship Celebrations!
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 11:04:10 AM »
I would like to thank Canine Kinship for another stellar weekend of agility in a great location - Kiva and I really enjoyed ourselves again this year and are so glad to be planning to be back again next year - It is a really nice respite from the cold of the upstate NY to trial in the heated Ag. arena!! 

It is also a great opportunity for the "northeasterners" to get together with the "mid-atlantic-ers" for a mid winter gathering when we don't all see each other that often throughout the year!

Maureen, Nika, Kiva & Zoe
Kingston, NY

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