Author Topic: Vermont video runs scheduled for Saturday, Jan 26 - Chester Vermont  (Read 1318 times)


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This is for anyone interested that has not been informed and others to pass word.

For all interested  - "Yes" there is snow on the ground here in central Vermont and anytime we can run it is it's own Bonus.

Vermont video runs (VT runs) scheduled for Saturday, Jan 26 -
Time: 9 til 12:00pm
Location: Chester, Vermont
Please contact/email:  or call:  802-380-0062 with any questions or concerns.

Facility facts: The horse barn used is extremely cleaned and the sand is well groomed/packed before our usage.
Note: There is no horse barn stink & several people already going. So the day should be fun. 

In ending, Please pass word if you know anyone whom might be interested in going.
Also, this session is not just for video taping, you can just come to practice/training or just use it as a run through.  FYI Note: NADAC Run Throughs are held here each week on Saturday mornings throughout the long Vermont winter.

Kind Regards,

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