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Thanks from Galloping Dog Agility Club
« on: January 24, 2013, 01:20:33 PM »
Thanks to everyone who came and supported our January All Games trial in Belgrade, Montana. The weather was perfect for January in Montana, lots of sunshine, dry roads, with warm temperatures in the mid 30’s.

Thanks to our judge Susan Perry for bringing fun courses and her cheerful, smiling, friendly attitude. It was a very enjoyable weekend of playing with our dogs and socializing with friends.

Thanks to all who volunteered during the weekend and to those who help load and unload equipment before and after the trial. Special thanks to the volunteers who filled the tunnel bags on Friday with water and than empty the water out of the bags on Sunday. What a great group of hard working folks.

We had numerous great runs with three V-NATCH’s earned and many new titles.

Brags from GDAC January 18-20, 2013 Agility Trial:

Saales and Nancy Creel – V-NATCH 2 or 3
Clover and Cindy Conner – V-NATCH 2
Pepper and Ann Brown – V-NATCH 1

Airyn – Open Weavers + 1 Q
Cloe – Superior Open Weavers
Cricket – Outstanding Novice Hoopers, Elite Tunnelers
Durango – Novice Weavers , Open Tunnelers (First Open Title), First Hoopers Q!!
Flurry – Outstanding Elite Weavers
George – Outstanding Open Tunnelers, Superior Open Touch N Go
Giggs – Outstanding Open Tunnelers, Superior Novice Weavers
Harley – Outstanding Elite Weavers
Kagney – First EVER Weavers Q
Karis – Novice Tunnelers, First Title
Liesl – Novice Weavers
Manda – Novice Outstanding Touch N Go, Novice Outstanding Weavers
Noot – Novice Hoopers and Novice Tunnelers
Pepper – Superior Elite Touch N Go
Rio – Elite Tunnelers
Ripley – First two weavers Q’s, Novice Weavers Title
Roxy – Novice Touch N Go
Tansy – First Novice Weavers Q, Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Tux – Novice Weavers, Superior Novice Tunnelers, Outstanding Novice Touch N Go
Willing – Elite Weavers
Zeeta – Novice Weavers, Novice Outstanding Touch N Go, Superior Novice Tunnelers
Zip – Open Tunnelers
Zorro – Novice Tunnelers

Cindy, Trial Chair
Clover, Tansy and retired Huckleberry Hound
Cindy Conner
Clover, Tansy and Torrey