Author Topic: Help Fetch A Cure For Canine Cancer T-shirt Update  (Read 1407 times)


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Help Fetch A Cure For Canine Cancer T-shirt Update
« on: January 30, 2013, 10:49:01 AM »
Hi Folks,

Iím very happy  :) to report that we have raised over $6,000 selling the t-shirts, thanks so much to everyone who purchased a shirt and made this possible. 

We are approaching the next phase of our annual canine cancer fundraiser with a silent auction/raffle being held February 9 &10 at the RAT NADAC trial in Elma, WA.   If you would like to be part of the fundraiser from afar you can make a pledge, which is an excellent/fun way to help win the war on this horrible disease.

Pledge Examples (folks get way more creative than these examples)
- $.25 for every novice Q in jumpers earned by a sheltie for the weekend
-$1.00 for every Q earned by an Aussie in memory of Banner
-$3.00 for every successful 15 or 20pt bonus completed in memory of Hope
-$1.00 for every double digit dog entered in the trial
-$.50 for every veteran handler running at the trial
-$5.00 for every NATCH

If you are interested in making a pledge please email it to me by February 7th.  I will contact folks after the trial regarding pledge payment.  If you have any questions about the fundraiser please let me know.

Thanks on behalf of our furry friends,
Dixie Lampers

All proceeds from the fundraising benefit Morris Animal Foundationís efforts toward curing canine cancer.