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abbreviation question - dri
« on: February 06, 2013, 03:43:17 PM »
on my dog's point record list I see 0.00 under the dri column.   Why is that shown in only a few places and why is it there?   We are running as a novice team.

Isabel and Cocoa

Shirlene Clark

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Re: abbreviation question - dri
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2013, 07:45:38 PM »
Hi Isabel,

DRI stands for Dogs Run Index.  Only Elite runs get a DRI scored against their run so as you are Novice you need not worry about that column.  If you do a search (see the top right hand of your screen when on the forum) on DRI or Dogs Run Index you will see many threads on DRI that can explain in further detail.

Here is an excerpt out of the current exhibitor handbook;

Run Index

Commencing January 1, 2006, NADAC began computing a “run index” for each un-faulted run at the Elite level in each class except Chances. The Run Index tells each competitor how their dog performed in that class when compared to the average performance of all the other dogs in that class and jump height over the past year. Runs that are fast and efficient will have higher run index (RI) scores than otherwise.  The RI is only computed for Elite level classes.

RI does not have any effect on whether the run was a qualifier or not, nor does it affect the number of points the dog earns for qualifying in that class. Instead, RI will be used to determine a bonus for the truly outstanding runs when computing the annual Top Ten awards. Runs with an RI of over 100 will be worth fifteen (15) points instead of ten when computing the dog’s Top Ten points in that class—seeTitles and Awards, below. This in no way affects the number of qualifying points required in order to title in the class; two clean runs with an RI greater than 100 are not enough to earn a class certificate.

Qualifying runs with a 100+ RI also count towards the Platinum Speed Star and Platinum Versatility Speed Star. If the run also included a successfully-completed Bonus challenge, it also counts towards the Purple Achievement Cup/Silver Achievement Cup, Purple Versatility Achievement Cup/Silver Versatility Achievement, and MOD SQUAD Awards.

RI may also be used in the future to help in determining a team’s qualification for entry to future NADAC Championships.
Shirlene Clark