Author Topic: March Madness continues - 2 more weekends of fun at WAG - Elk Grove, CA  (Read 964 times)


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WAG in Elk Grove - CA  will be hosting two weekends of NADAC Agility Fun. March 22-24, and March 29-31. Both weekends we will also have EGC available. The Fridays will start at 2PM. The more classes you enter the better the price per run and you can combine runs between weekends and dogs in the same household - see the premium for more details. Entries are due to me by the Monday before each show - email me if you are running late and still want to enter.

 Go to the WAG website at on the premiums/entries page for the premium. You'll find both entry pages and all the show details in one convenient premium.

 Look forward to having you join us for some March Madness!


 Susan Rappillus
 WAG, Inc.