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Sharon Nelson:
I don't know about everyone, but I will share a feature that Chris showed me that I love to go through all of the new posts.

If you go to profile, click on "Modify Profile".

Then click on "Look and Layout"

At the bottom of the list of things is the "Show Quick Moderation"

If you click on the drop down box, one option is "check boxes"...........

Save your changes

With that option, when you go to "unread posts" there will be a check box to the far right of each topic... you can click the box for any posts that you don't want to read and then click on "Mark as read" and they are removed from your "Unread posts" list!

For me, that really takes a lot of time out of going through all of the new posts since I read them as they are approved!  For others, if it is a topic that isn't of interest to you, you can remove it from your list of unread posts.

I like it for me!


Jeannie Biggers:
Awesome tip Sharon!!!  Thanks so much for sharing!   ;D

Marj Vincent:
Perfect!!! I was wondering if this was possible. A huge time saver!!

Chris Nelson:
A video to explain it visually:


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