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ScallyWaggs Spring Fling Thanks... (Victoria BC)
« on: March 24, 2013, 10:31:11 PM »
What a wonderful weekend.  Wicked fun courses from our good friend Kirsty Pearson - who never missed an opportunity to encourage all the dog/handler teams. You totally rock, Kirsty!!!

Congratulations to Eric Brad and Tiramisu on the NATCH and V-NATCH (they needed one Chances and one TNG going into the weekend).  We celebrated in traditional pirate style with NATCH booty, rum and cupcakes.  OK, maybe the purple cupcakes weren't as popular with the pirates but we don't know that for sure, do we?   :P   

And High in Trial Awards went to:

Elite - Carol Ray & MangoTango
Open - Pat Kean & Zak
Novice - Marti Lembke & Gabi

We had a smaller than usual trial due to illness and injuries here on the island, but that just made the days shorter.  We still cheered as loud!

Our next trial will be August - our famous "Melt-a-Thon" at beautiful Blue Heron Park in Sydney BC

Petra for the ScallyWaggs
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Petra Wingate
ScallyWaggs, Victoria BC

Pam Kaye

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Re: ScallyWaggs Spring Fling Thanks... (Victoria BC)
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2013, 07:52:39 PM »
This was our first trip to a ScallyWaggs trial, and we'll certainly be back.  What fun to ride the ferry (we could pretend it was a pirate ship...) on a beautiful day and spend the weekend with a bunch of friendly NADAC exhibitors at a great fairgrounds site.  The 80's music was a blast from the past for walking courses to, the hospitality was great (nothing like a chef in a white chef's coat delivering lunch), and this pirate loved the purple cupcakes.

Thanks for a really fun trial, ScallyWaggs!

Pam Kaye
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Re: ScallyWaggs Spring Fling Thanks... (Victoria BC)
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2013, 07:58:07 AM »
I think the club logo of skull and cross bones is because ScallyWaggs trials are highly addictive! As always - a wonderful trial in a relaxed atmosphere. And so true - stopping for catered lunch served by a professional chef makes it special. As does the public celebration of everyone's achievements.

Best of all - congratulations to Tiramisu and Eric for their NATCH and V-NATCH. Now we know what it sounds like when a barnful of pirates burst out in a roaring cheer!
Stefan Elvstad
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