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Trial Thanks from Addicted to Agility!
« on: April 02, 2013, 06:51:12 PM »
Thank You may just be two words but they are said with meaning from all of us
who make up Addicted to Agility!  What a wonderful start to the agility season. 
This trial was so much fun because it is the trial that is like the first day back at
school after vacation. 

Our exhibitors are the best!!  THANK YOU!  Not one of you blinked an eye when
we told you that our original judge missed his flight and was not going to be able
to make the trial.  THANK YOU to Mike Whall and Mark Gwillim, who on top of
hosting the trial and had a million things to do, as well as run their own dogs at
the trial. stepped right up and traded off and judged almost 1,000 runs in two
days and THANK YOU to Erin and Cory Wajda who stepped up and assisted
Mike and Mark in judging the EGC classes each day.

THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to New England Sheltie Rescue in
memory of Martha Turner.  Martha was certainly smiling down on us this
weekend as her Nadac family raised over $1,400 for this good cause!  I also
expect that she was laughing at Mike and Mark as well :)

Thank you again to each and  everyone of you for supporting us
and who helped make our trial lots of fun!

Our next trial will be on April 27/28 and will have all of the traditional classes and

EGC classes as well.  Don Cuda will be our judge so please consider joining

There were so many people having fun and lots of new titles earned!  A special
congratulations to:

Donna Allen and Mariah - NATCH 5
Penny Sencer and Dervich - VERSATILITY NATCH
Lynn Mancino and Rafe - NATCH 2 (hope I got this right)

As usual everyone  just steped up and helped all weekend long!  All we can say
is THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.   

Addicted to Agility's next three trials are as follow:  Please mark your calendars:

April 27/28
June 2/3
June 22/23

Also, be sure to check out and "LIKE" Addicted to Agility's Facebook page for
the latest information!