Author Topic: ZAP Easter Trial Wrap-up - March 30th & 31st, 2013 - Auburn, WA  (Read 1204 times)

Katrina Tustin

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I hope everyone had a terrific time at the ZAP Easter trial March 30th & 31st, 2013 - I know I did!

I wanted to once again thank our wonderful judges, Keri Daun (Calgary, AB), and Greg Battaglia (Sparks, NV) for bringing some AMAZING courses for us to run! Not only did we get to play the "normal" NADAC courses, we also got to do 2 rounds of EGC Gaters and EGC Extreme Hoopers!

I was so impressed with the turn-out for the EGC Games - 68 Extreme Hoopers runs and 62 Extreme Gaters runs! Most of the entries were in Novice, but Mike Mason ran both 2iggie and Boogie in both rounds of both games in OPEN! Not sure how he did the back-to-back-to-back-to-back without much of a break, but he did it!

We will be offering EGC classes at future trials, so I hope we see more of you out there too!

Some other KUDOS:
A big THANK YOU goes out to our course builders, Mike, Nancy, & Courtney Roller.

Karmen Davis & Scooter did a GREAT job keeping the rings running smoothly and lining up volunteers.

AND A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU! Without your entries, volunteering, and general help, we would not be able to hold these trials!

Many of you probably saw the BRAG BOARD that was near the main entrance. Well, we had some brags alright! I am sure that there were more brags that were not written on the board, so congratulations to all of you! If you forgot to write your brags on the board, email them to me and I will add them to the list that I will post on the ZAP website!
Here are the BRAGS from the board:

Courtney & Logan
Julie & Boots
Suzy & Sammy Blue
Nancy & Jack

Debra & Karmon Rose (Elite)
Melinda & Caitlyn (Weavers)

Gayle & Darby

Melinda & Cailtyn (Chances)
Cheryl & Cooper (Chance)
Beth & Brady (Tunnelers)

Betsy & Tim (Jumpers)
Becky & Pemberley (Extreme Gaters Superior)
Julene & Tribble (Extreme Gaters)
Tabatha & Jet (Tunnelers)
Katrina & Khruiz (Extreme Hoopers)
Donna & Laelia (Regular)

Melinda & Morgan First Q in Tunnelers and stayed with mom on all runs (this is her 2nd trial ever)!
Ray & Panda 2 Gold Medals in weight pulling!
Karen & Desi First Novice Chances Q!
Julene & Gage First Elite Chances Q!
Terri & Ranger Open Jumpers Q!
Karmen & Lava Lava had some start line stays!!!
Karen & Wicket First Open Jumpers Q!
Wendy & Aragorn First agility run (Touch N Go)!
Suzy & Mistalyn First Regular Q!
Karen & Wicket First Open Regular Q!
Karen & Desi First Open Q!
Gayl & Laikas (first agility trial) no sniffing, focused on mom, did obstacles mom asked her to do, & did 1/2 a jumpers course!

One last thing - the ZAP June Trial (June 8th & 9th, 2013) is open now! You can enter online at, or download a paper premium from Hope to see everyone there!

Happy Training!
Katrina & Khruiz
Happy Training!