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Itz of il thanks
« on: April 16, 2013, 10:48:11 AM »
We had our first ITZ of IL trial last weekend !!  Amanda Nelson is an Awesome judge...easy going fun and professional!!    We had a great time!!!!

Friday was a bit windy but sat and sun we had beautiful weather...ok still a bit windy on Sunday.  😜

Congrats to Bernie Doyle and Kruzer versatility Natch 9  and Bernie and Driven versatility Natch.

Congrats to all awesome runs and moments of brilliance!!  It was awesome for both Amanda and I to see the people that attended our seminar 2 weeks ago run their dogs and try some "stuff" we taught them!!!

I was also pleasantly surprised with the positive response to extreme hoopers and barrelers.  ... Almost everyone gave it a try and did well!!!    Kinda stinks I won't b able to offer it again on trial weekend as I put on 3 day trials.  😂 I was Happy the exhibitors got to give it a try!!  I love the way egc is scored....wish we could score normal agility like ECG!!

Thanks to everyone for coming to trial and helping out!!!

Hopefully see you in may !!

Be Well & Happy
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