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Thanks Palomar Agility!
« on: April 29, 2013, 04:06:37 PM »
What a great weekend for Palomar Agility Club at Reggie Field in El Cajon CA!  Super spring weather, super judge Ric Pittman, super facility, and super competitors and their super dogs all added up to a perfect agility weekend.

Most notable of events was Trial Chair Donna Mikschl and Chili earning their first NATCH together on Saturday, April 27!  Congratulations Donna and Chili!!!

Among all the excitement, we managed to record the following new titles:

Thomas and Rita Wolkiewicz Elite Jumpers
Winston and Kim Udovic Novice Weavers, Novice Versatility
Skye and Kim Udovic Novice TnG, Novice Versatility, Superior Open Regular, Open Weavers
Sara and Anne Etherton BA-1
Nellie and Wendy Watts BA-1
Chole and Linda Ellett Novice Versatility
Meg and Maria Marshall Elite TnG
Romance and Scott Whittington 2,500 lifetime points
Morimoto and Ronni Russell Outstanding Novice Regular
Scooter and Ronni Russell NATCH 6 Jumpers
Lexis and Scott Whittington Platinum Speedstar #2
Rigel and Kathy Upton Novice Regular
Alva and Dayle Shimamura Superior Open Chances, Open Triple Superior
Chili and Donna Mikschl NATCH Weavers
Camille and Sue Brent Outstanding Elite Tunnelers
Monte and Karen Birdsong Outstanding Novice Regular, Open TnG
TJ and Karen Birdsong Versatility NATCH IV

Congratulations to everyone for all their hard work to reach these accomplishments.  Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Thanks to the trial committee for all their hard work in making everything run smooth and easy.  And Michelle's yummy lunches to keep us going- thanks Michelle.  And a special thanks to the volunteers for all the help and hustle out there on the field.

See you all at the next NADAC trial!

Maria Marshall
Trial Secretary

Maria Marshall