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Thanks from All American Dog Sports!
« on: April 29, 2013, 05:20:44 PM »
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our third agility trial in Blacksburg, VA!  Last year at our trial, it rained softballs, and this year it rained, well.. rain.  But I think we are moving in the right direction - at our next trial I hope to have nothing falling from the sky at all! 

Thanks to Judge Ray Wheeler who set some fun courses for us, cheerfully stood out in the rain all day Sunday, and was very encouraging to our large population of newbies. 

I'm always afraid to name names because I'm sure to accidentally forget someone, but I definitely couldn't do this trial without the help of Trial Chair Jennie Jones, Volunteer and Hospitality Coordinator Dawn Jones, and Chief Course Builder Linda Anderson, and all our great club members who are learning as they go but are always ready to jump in and help!  Thanks also to all the competitors who stayed so cheerful and upbeat and made Sunday fun despite the less than ideal weather.  I think we had more day-of-show entries in the pouring rain than we ever had in nice weather!  And I would especially like to thank Sarah and Tom Fix, who are always amazingly helpful at whatever trial they happen to be at - I was very glad that they happened to be at ours this weekend! 

We had a lot of brand new teams and a lot of great brags, first Q's, first titles, and personal bests!  Direct from the brag board, congrats to:

Marlene Campbell and Skye Q'd in Open Regular
Lee Anne McAdam and Jack - first Open Regular Q
Jennie Wyderko and Nahla - first Novice Regular Q
Diane Bollinger and Sugar - first Q (and in Chances!)
Jimmy Murray and Minnie - First trial and first Q!
Cindy Lubin and Winnie - first Q (and second and third Q's!)
Leanne Brownlee-Bowen and Annabelle - completed the Novice Jumpers course!
Andrea Lengi and Pye - Open Triple Superior
Lee Anne McAdam and Squeaker - Novice Chances title and Outstanding Novice Jumpers!
Laura Kroeger andSharon Harrell and  Jonah - first title (NAC) at age 12!
Laura Kroeger and Brodie - first Q - novice regular
Patty Abel and Tater - Novice Agility title!
Team Gracie (Andrea L. and Pat Graves) - first Q!

We are still working out the details for our fall trial, so stay tuned!

Andrea Lengi
Andrea Lengi
Brie, Pye-Dog, and Audie