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CIA Thanks and Congratulations!!
« on: April 29, 2013, 08:23:17 PM »
Congratulations to the wonderful teams that reached award and title milestones at the CIA trial this past weekend!  What a joy to watch the teams out in the beautiful weather running and smiling.

Libby and Betty Rowe – NATCH 4 & Versatility NATCH 3
Jinn and Nicole Bailey – NATCH (the first of many, we’re sure!)
Cheyenne and Cathie Cage – Open Superior Versatility - on to Elite!
Chip and Peggy Simpson – Novice Versatility
Remi and Val Embrey – Novice Superior Weavers
Robey and Priscilla Warnock – Novice Superior Weavers
Casey and Nicole Davilli – Novice Weavers

Thanks again to all the great competitors who made this a really fun weekend!  We all need teams to compete, but CIA has the most generous happy folks that come help course build and work classes too!  We appreciate that and sure couldn’t do it without you!

And finally, last but certainly not least, a huge thanks to Jim Nally for coming to judge for us!  Thanks also for leaving the Minnesota weather at home!  :D  Great courses & judging, a great smile and lots of encouragement for all the competitors there!

Now, off to update the Brag Board on the website with the new photos!

See you all in June!  (get those entries in if you haven’t already!)

Priscilla Warnock
On behalf of Canines in Action - CIA
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