Author Topic: Thanks for participation and support - K9 Cancer Fundraiser  (Read 1011 times)


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Thanks for participation and support - K9 Cancer Fundraiser
« on: April 30, 2013, 05:33:25 PM »
I wanted to Thank everyone that helped out with this fundraiser and share the results.  It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the dog community is.

Susan Rappillus
WAG, Inc.

Dear WAG Team,

You all did it!  Number 1 fund raising team for the Morris Animal Foundation - Elk Grove K9 Cancer walk (at $13,330 with a final tally of some funds to still come in).  We also had the most members at the walk and took 2nd place in the spirit division.  We need a little work on our team song still!  I was also told by the organizers that the WAG team is the 2nd highest overall grossing team for fundraising at the MAF K9 Cancer walks across the country – how cool is that?  Quite an honor too.  What a wonderful bunch of dog lovers we all know.  The event was very nice as always - Thank you everyone for your support in each and every way!

I also wanted to thank a few people in particular that really stepped up to make things happen.  Lisa Seltmann in honor of Cody was the 2nd place highest individual fund raiser at the event and she was very inspired to bring this event to light and it was great to have her working with us.  Sue Horn and Patty Diehl (who lost Jake to Cancer but did him very proud) both worked diligently behind the lines as well on donations for two fund raising raffles that brought in nearly $2700 of the total funds raised.  All the generous folks that donated to the raffles both prizes and by taking money out of their wallets to buy tickets – we are very thankful for your support.  Also, our agility clubs for their continuing support of us in this endeavor and the battle many of our club members are fighting or have fought.  Thank you to everyone that joined the team and that forwarded the notes I sent to your dog loving friends and everyone that joined us to sit/stay – it all added up, literally above and beyond our goals.

We may have a change of time for the event next year.  They are considering moving to October – which hopefully won’t conflict with other events – we will see.  Regardless – I am committed to this event and our WAG Team in memory of our Fritz – for without him we wouldn’t WAG at all!

Warm regards to you all, and all my best to those of you dealing with Cancer – it sucks!  Let’s beat it.

Susan Rappillus
WAG Team Captain