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Problems with Forum on Google Chrome


Nadia R:
Hey Chris,
Have you or anyone you know experienced problems when using the NADAC Forum with Google Chrome as the Internet browser? I had been (and have reverted to) using Internet Explorer, but got tired of constant messages in gmail about the need to upgrade and change over. So I finally installed Google Chrome. I can read posts on the Forum, but if I try to reply it kicks me out of the Forum altogether and won't let me log back in until I exit the browser altogether and then return. It make for a clunky process since each one seems to have its limitations.  Is there another browser that is better than either of those (Safari? Firefox?)?

Pam Kaye:

I'm using google Chrome, but can't help, since I haven't had any problems with it at all.


Marj Vincent:
I use Chrome problems what so ever.


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