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Most efficient way to read "Unread Posts"?


Jean Sather (McCreight):
Hey Chris (or anyone else) -- I've clicked on "Show unread posts since last visit" and all the various topics with "new posts" come up -- but when I click on any of those they open up starting with the first post in the topic and I have been scrolling down (or paging through) until I get to something I don't remember having seen before ...  is there a more efficient way to do this?

On the yahoo group I would just scroll through daily digests along with my morning coffee .... and I knew those would all be "new information" -- is there something comparable to that here?

Thanks, always open to new ways of doing things!    8)

Chris Nelson:
Not really  :-\

The only real way would be at the very bottom of the page under forum stats is a button that says 'view most recent posts on forum'

That will bring up the most recent, but it's kind of hard to read since there is no context to what the replies are to

Jean Sather (McCreight):
Oh I did just figure out something more efficient -- when you click on "show unread posts" and the list of those comes up, click on the yellow "NEW" button next to the topic, and it will dump you down to the end of the list (or new posts, haven't quite figure out which) instead of starting you at the top of the list (which is what happens if you click on the topic "title" ....

I'm sure there are lots more shortcuts on this that I just haven't figured out yet ....


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