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GotDog? July/August special pricing
« on: June 03, 2013, 03:11:49 PM »
As exhibitors you have LOTS of trials to choose from this summer…. Hopefully you will consider coming to the GotDog? trials.  First one is July 5-7 and the second August 16-18.  Both trials are full 3 days with Friday starting at 11:00 a.m.  These trials are held in the COOL Circle L arena. 

These trials are also a part of our Annual GotDog? Super Star awards we sponsor at our December trial.  We have beautiful title ribbons, handmade NATCh bars plus plaques, great workers raffles, and who knows what other little surprises we might come up with, we seem to always have “something” up our sleeve 

The July trial is the Annual Bruce Vincent Memorial Trial in which we do a fund raising raffle with all proceeds going to SCAF.

Both premiums are up on the website and both trials are now excepting entries… so save a stamp and enter both!  We don’t cash checks until right after the trial.  OR you can enter and pay via PayPal… we try to accommodate our exhibitors the best we can! 

SPECIAL NOTE: If you enter both trials with at least 18 runs (that is basically 1 dog entered in each class or could be multiple dogs that add up to 18 runs) per trial you can take an additional $1 off of the $8 per run!  So you could enter each trial at $7 per run…. Hope that makes sense and helps everyone with finances!!!  It would make it the easiest for me if you could send in both entries at the same time so I can keep track!  Thanks

Looking forward to seeing you there  

Jeannie Biggers

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Jeannie Biggers
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