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Ups N Downs NADAC Trial Recap
« on: June 04, 2013, 06:25:35 AM »
Ups N Downs summer NADAC trial was held this past weekend in Valley Center, CA. Saturday was overly warm for us wimpy Southern Californians, but Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day.   It turned out to be a small trial, and it was great fun for those in attendance.
There were many successful runs and and many great learning experiences!

We had many new titles earned.  Notice how many Novice titles in the list!  It's great to see all these young dogs be so successful!  Let us know if we missed anyone.
Congratulations to the following teams:
Rigel and Kathy Upton - Novice Weavers
Morimoto and Ronni Russell - Superior Novice Regular, Superior Novice Jumpers, Novice Weavers
Scooter and Ronni Russell -  Elite Superior Versatility
Reba and Mary Thomsen - Outstanding Novice Jumpers, Outstanding Novice Regular
Bonnie and Laura Lotz - Novice Jumpers
Monte and Karen Birdsong - Open Tunnelers, Open Weavers, Open Versatility
Augie and Maria Marshall - Outstanding Elite Hoopers
Meg and Maria Marshall - NATCH Weavers
Chili and Donna Mikschl - NATCH Tunnelers
It was really great to have the super volunteer effort for this trial.  Despite having small numbers, everyone pitched in and made the trial run smoothly, and fast.  Thanks again!
Thanks to Judge Ken Perlmutter for bringing us such fun courses to run with our dogs.   Thanks to the rest of the trial committee for all their hard work in making the trial a success.
Maria Marshall
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Maria Marshall