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ZAP Trial Wrap-Up
« on: June 10, 2013, 06:14:02 PM »
I hope everyone had a terrific time at the ZAP June trial this past weekend - I know I did!

I wanted to once again thank our wonderful judges, Kirsty Pearson (Calgary, AB) and Patty LeRoy (Fort Saskatchewan, AB) for bringing some AMAZING courses for us to run! Not only did we get to play the "normal" NADAC courses, we also got to do 2 rounds of EGC Gaters and EGC Extreme Hoopers!

I was so impressed with the turn-out for the EGC Games - 44 / 39 Extreme Hoopers runs and 46 / 41 Extreme Gaters runs! Most of the entries were in Novice, but Mike Mason ran both 2iggie and Boogie in both rounds of both games in OPEN! Not sure how he does the back-to-back-to-back-to-back without much of a break, but he did it!

We will be offering EGC classes at future trials, so I hope we see more of you out there too!

Some other KUDOS:

A big THANK YOU goes out to our course builders, Mike, Nancy, & Courtney Roller.

Karmen Davis & Scooter did a GREAT job keeping the rings running smoothly and lining up volunteers.

A special THANK YOU to Karmen Davis for using logic on how to get a freakin' paper jam OUT of the printer Sunday morning - I was about to call my sister to go buy a printer and bring it to the trial!!!

AND A HUGE THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU! Without your entries, volunteering, and general help, we would not be able to hold these trials! Special thanks to those of your who arrive early, work your fannies off, and then stay to help clean up. We could not do it without you!

Many of you probably saw the BRAG BOARD that was near the main entrance. Well, we had some brags alright! I am sure that there were more brags that were not written on the board, so congratulations to all of you! If you forgot to write your brags on the board, email them to me and I will add them to the list that I will post on the ZAP website!

Here are the BRAGS from the board. These brags are also posted on our website at

Jennifer & Star – Regular
Suzy & Mistalyn – Regular
Brenda & Simon – Regular
Kim & Miles – Regular
Claire & Peyton – Jumpers
Kim & Miles - Jumpers
Claire & Peyton – Chances
Sue & Grizzbee – Tunnelers
Kim & Miles – Tunnelers
Cynthia & Molly - Tunnelers
Fran & Spirit – Hoopers
Terri & Ranger – Touch N Go
Julene & Gage – Extreme Gaters
Annette & Lily – Extreme Gaters Outstanding

Pam & Naapi – Regular
Vicky & Desi Rae – Chances
Bob & Spike – Jumpers
Cathy & Tazer – Jumpers

Kathy & Julie – 2nd Regular NATCH points
Bob & Moose – Touch N Go NATCH points
Joan & Echo – Regular
Pam & Nappi – Jumpers
Karmen & Harley – Outstanding Hoopers
Karmen & Lava – Tunnelers
Karren & Baron – Tunnelers
Annette & Lily – Touch N Go
Julene & Gage – Outstanding Tunnelers

Abby & Kenzi – Kenzi did awesome in her crate! Well behaved with minimal whining! First time created at a trial!
Suzy & Misty – 1st Novice Chances Q!
Terri & Ranger – Novice Chances Q & Novice Weavers Q!
Fran & Spirit – 1st Novice Chances Q!
Karen & Desi – 1st Novice Chances Q!
Cynthia & Mia – Q/2nd Novice Weavers
Cynthia & Mia – Novice Chances Q
Jan & Ricky – 2 Qs in Gaters
Melinda & Morgan – 1st Novice Jumpers Q & Extreme Gaters points!
Dusty – Q1 in Novice Jumpers
Dusty - Q2 in Novice Regular
Tricky is the best puppy girl!
Kenji Liam had a FUN weekend!
Terri & Ranger – 5 pt Q in Elite Regular!
Debra & Hera – Hera did her weaves!
Helga & Toss – Q2 in Regular – she did her weaves!
Helga – I survived all my NQs with a smile!
Rizzo & Tira – Black Dogs rule!!!
Janice & Echo – Q for mom!
Julene & Gage – 2 Qs in Extreme Gaters
Julene & Tribble – 2 Qs in Extreme Gaters
Cathy & Tazer – Had a great weekend! Tazer is an awesome baby dog!
Terri & Ranger – Q first place Novice Touch N Go!
Melinda & Mac – 6th leg on Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title @ Puyallup
Kim & Shamrock – Did his weaves!!
Claire & Peyton – Q 2nd place in Hoopers!
Julene & Gage – Q in Elite Regular
Julene & Tribble – Q’d in Open Hoopers
Jan & Ricky – Q’d in Extreme Hoopers – 1st Q in his career!
Terri & Ranger – Q & 1st plae Elite Jumpers
Suzy & Mistalyn – Q1 in Novice Touch N Go
Helga, Joan, & Marion are the add-on favorites to win the Dog Follies (at the RAT June trial)!
Claire & Peyton – Q in Novice Chances
Fran & Spirit – 1st Q in Novice Touch N Go
Karmen & Lava – 1st Q in Elite Regular & 1st time running Elite Regular
Fran & Fire – Q in Jumpers
Fran & Ivy – 1st Q in Hoopers
Cynthia & Molly – 1st Q Novice Jumpers
Janice & Kismet – 1st trial puppy!
Sue & Angele’ – No blown start lines today!
Claire & Peyton – Q in Novice Regular
Claire & Peyton – Peyton did all her contacts
Abby & Kenzi – great contacts!
Janice & Echo – Great weaves & jumps
Brenda & Simon – great weaves & 5 for 6 Qs

One last thing - the ZAP August Trial (August 10th & 11th, 2013) is open now! You can enter online at, or download a paper premium from Hope to see everyone there!

Happy Training!
Katrina & Khruiz
Happy Training!