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CIA- BIG NATCH weekend, thanks and congrats!
« on: June 20, 2013, 07:20:28 PM »
Sorry for the delay folks- apparently my first send never got there  ☹
Many thanks, first of all, to Lee Carr and The Weather Gods!!
Somehow last weekend we avoided getting rained out by Tropical Storm Andrea and although it was a wee bit humid, we had a lovely weekend!

Thanks to Sunny Williams for braving the challenges of traveling into an area having a Tropical Storm!  And to Jean Wilkins and Scott Casino for stepping in to judge until Sunny’s plane got her here (on Saturday morning).  We could not have had three more positive, encouraging and fun judges if we’d planned this!

It was a weekend full of NATCHerally fun times with some big awards!
Congratulations to:
Casey & Cathie Cage – NATCH 29!
Piper and Tom Moloney-Harmon – NATCH 19 & Versatility NATCH 19!
Chelsea & Chris Chapman – NATCH 12
Beckham & Pat Moloney-Harmon – NATCH 4 & Versatility NATCH 4
Tessie & Paula Goss – Versatility NATCH 2
Rosie & Cathy Wyatt - NATCH & Versatility NATCH!!!
Chesnee & Diana Casino – NATCH!!!
Jet & Debbie Baracco – Platinum Speed Star 2

Smiles on achievements and titles for these teams:
Sunshine & Maureen Wade - WV-N and NJC
Lela Dax & Linda Anderson – FIRST Q!! (Touch n Go)
Keegan is now in Open Touch n Go
Lefty went on all the dogwalks he was asked to!  Brave boy!

It was a great weekend! (don't think we've ever given away so many NATCH and V-NATCH ribbons at once!)  Many thanks for all the help pitching in to make the trial flow and be efficient!  Thanks to everyone for coming and we’ll see you at the next trial in September!

Priscilla Warnock
Canines in Action
Millersville, MD
Priscilla Warnock, Lefty & Robey
Crownsville, MD

Sharon Nelson

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Re: CIA- BIG NATCH weekend, thanks and congrats!
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2013, 08:59:24 AM »
Pretty amazing group of accomplishments!!  Party on!!