Author Topic: RAT 20th Anniversary NADAC Trial  (Read 446 times)

CD Jacobs

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RAT 20th Anniversary NADAC Trial
« on: June 25, 2013, 03:31:56 PM »
I have to rave about the wonderful 20th Anniversary of the very first NADAC trial by the Rainier Agility Team at L'Argus Ranch over the weekend! Kari, Karen and the whole group that put on the trial was top notch. The facility was wonderful, from the beautiful grass rings where we played on Friday and Saturday to the indoor rings, where we played Sunday due to rain. How great to have a facility that is so versatile. You folks in the Pacific NW sure know how to have fun at an agility trial while still performing at a superior level!

I'll never forget:
1) The awesome mai tai's - thanks to Matt and Jeanne
2) Fido Follies Saturday night - thanks to Gordon and his team - now that is REALLY having fun with your dogs!
3) So many teams earning their NATCH that I lost track
4) The TOTALLY awesome video of the very first NADAC trial that was playing under one of the tents - it was great to see all the obstacles that are now gone from NADAC, those courses must have been so much fun!
5) Great vendors and food
6) Wonderful dogs and people enjoying being together in a great place

It sure was worth driving from Alabama to participate in such a memorable event.
My thanks to everyone!

Carol Jacobs (and Darcy, the big tri collie!)
Huntsville, Alabama