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Our biggest entry ever on a single day to a NADAC trial in Australia.  Resulting in the first time ever that we have had to close online entries 12 hours before official entry close !  The weather leading up to trial day was wet, cold and miserable and there were murmurs of concern amongst exhibitors as to whether the weather would be kind to us and whether we would be able to complete all the runs in daylight (Winter here in Australia so we do have shorter days).

So Wendy and I did a lot of pre-planning to ensure that we had everything in place to maximise the fun and to hopefully ensure no-one missed out on a run due to fading light.  Course walk throughs and score table changes was where we focussed our attention and we managed to schedule those to maximise efficiency.  I think everyone would agree that the trial was efficient but never was fun or enjoyment sacrificed - things were kept moving but no-one could possibly say they felt rushed which was great :)  It was a non-jumping trial and beta format (double run same course) and that also helped.

We started an hour earlier than normal to give us some extra daylight time.  On arrival Wendy and I were absolutely stoked to see a number of exhibitors arrive extra early to help set up the ring mesh, unload the trailer and help Wendy and Malcolm build the first course of the day.  It took around 45 minutes (maybe even less than that) to completely set the trial site and Elite competitors were then walking their first course :)

The ground was fantastic despite the heavy rain during the week and once the morning frost melted it was a beautiful surface on which to run.  Thank you Lynn Mussett for making a trip to the ground to check out the surface and surrounds for me and communicating via email as to how it was holding up and for discussing with me parking arrangements (as although the ground was awesome it was a little muddy in the car parks)...but Lynn secured permission from the base ball club to utilise part of their area for parking.

The day was one out of the box weather wise.....  Although the wind was a little fresh the sun shone brilliantly all day !  But it couldn't outshine the smiles on the faces of the exhibitors nor the performances on the wonderful courses provided by Wendy and Malcolm :)

Handing out ribbons etc.... during the day also saved time although it was a lot more work for me personally and I don't think I can maintain that at every trial by myself as well as all my other Trial Sec duties.  I did however like the opportunity to personally congratulate people....I love it when a new exhibitor to NADAC is so excited to collect their ribbon :)

Congratulations to our Highest in trial winners;

Novice Level - Kaye Grant and Beau (Whippet)
Open Level - Vivienne Benham and Barkley (American Staffie Mix)
Elite Level - Michelle Jewell and Bubble (Pomeranian Mix)

Congratulations to our E-Raffle winner (Encouragement Award) - Karalyn Bell and Lady (English pointer)

Congratulations to our workers raffle winner - Eddie Catton.

Thank you to all the exhibitors and their dogs who played the game with true NADAC spirit and joy.  It was a most enjoyable trial to see not only everyone having such good fun playing agility but also pitching in to ensure the day kept moving along.  This means a lot to Wendy and I as we are a club of two people only and need your help to provide you with what we thank you.

Me I am totally spent and will spend today recovering and maybe reflecting from time to time on yesterday :)

All your individual results have been emailed - please check them and ensure all is as you expected :)
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Re: Paws to Consider Trial wrap up -21 July Bacchus Marsh- Australia
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Sounds lovely...congratulations on seeing good results after all your hard work!  Sounds like a great bunch!
Lee Anne