Author Topic: K9 Corps Agility - Third Thursday Mini-Trial  (Read 427 times)


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K9 Corps Agility - Third Thursday Mini-Trial
« on: August 12, 2013, 07:05:13 AM »
What a breakthrough weekend for so many of our teams over the past three days!  It is so rewarding and encouraging to see all the great teamwork which is developing between our dogs & handlers ... and WOW how about a 67% Q rate on the Strategy Hoopers course this past Saturday?  That tells me that the teams here are really working together and learning to handle courses at a truly exceptional level. 

As we often say here at Dogwood Acres: If you can handle a Hoopers course, you can handle your dog! 

Here's another chance for you to 'show your stuff' on the Hoopers course.  We're offering two rounds of Numbered Hoopers this coming Thursday (8/15) starting at 6 pm. 

If you have never tried Hoopers, this is a great time to see what you've really got as a handler.  Remember - there's no hang time for a jump, no blind time inside a vinyl tube, and no performance time like on a contact or in the weaves.  Just you and your dog - flat out on the run.

So if you think you can handle it and you are ready to prove that you're up to navigating some really fast and really fun courses - head over to and get in on the fun by entering online!

Let's have some fun with your dog!

Jeff Riedl
K9 Corps Agility
Greenville, WI
Jeff Riedl
K9 Corps Agility - Greenville, WI
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