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Fluid Motion Online Training Series
« on: May 02, 2012, 09:32:22 AM »
There is still time to enroll in the Fluid Motion Online Training series, Advanced Distance, TEAM Training and Foundation for Distance that are currently in full swing! 

There are still Working Spots available in each of the above classes and I have recently added lots of new video clips to the private site just for the Working Spot students! Video clips include many of my own training sessions with my dogs and also clips of private lessons with some of my students.

There are also still some spots available in the upcoming Homemade Food for Dogs 101 Online Training series, this class starts on May 7th and it will cover getting started cooking food for your dog, what proteins, carbs and fats to add as well as what supplements you can add. We will also talk about adding "extras" to a commercial food and what I feed my dogs and why.

You can find information about all current and upcoming training series at   , You can also find sample lessons and a 7 part series explaining my new TEAM Training program at the Fluid Motion Youtube channel at

If you would like to check out the forum that is used for the classes (it is the same as this NADAC Forum, Thanks Chris!) you can visit it at ,  even those not enrolled in any classes can view many of the general boards!

Please email me with any questions!
Amanda Nelson 
Amanda Nelson
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