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Deja Vu Trial San Diego area
« on: August 26, 2013, 10:06:31 AM »
This past weekend in El Cajon, CA Palomar did "deja vu".  On Saturday we had 2 chances, 2 TnG and 2 regular each repeated.  On Sunday 2 reg, 2 weavers and 2 jumpers, repeated. The course building was easier and with the warm (hot-99) weather it was nice to finish pretty early.  Thanks Arlene for judging!


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Re: Deja Vu Trial San Diego area
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2013, 02:09:08 PM »
I agree!  It was so much fun!  Thanks, Arlene, and PAC, for making it a great weekend!  The rerun format was perfect for this trial... as the course builder, I appreciated the longer breaks under canopies with a nice breeze vs. working a lot in the hot sun...  I think I might not have survived it.  As it was, I was feeling some heat related health issues after Sunday. 

And I think the dogs liked being done before we reached the hottest part of each day. 

The re-do format changed how some people attacked the course, for the better.  Some tried the bonus lines when they probably wouldn't attempt it normally.  Some tried front crosses, some tried switches, where they would be more comfortable with other handling methods.  I tried to increase distance where I probably wouldn't have done so.  It was a fun format for experimenting and practicing handling moves that was uncomfortable for the team, but necessary for growth.  And the courses were challenging enough to allow such changes.  I wouldn't want to do this a lot, but under certain circumstances, it is a perfect format for certain trials. 

Thanks for letting us try this, Sharon! 
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