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Palomar Agility's Deja Vu trial recap and brags
« on: August 26, 2013, 07:35:50 AM »
Thanks to Palomar Agility Club and Trial Chair Anne Etherton for bringing the Deja Vu trial to sunny and warm Southern California!   The competitors enjoyed a chance to "do over" every class of the weekend, since each class was offered twice in a row and the course was exactly the same. 

A fast analysis shows that with one exception, there were more qualifying runs on the second run of each course than the first.  Was it better handling?  More practice on challenging courses?  Who knows!  But we all had a great time.

Thanks to our judge Arlene Courtney for bringing us some really interesting and challenging courses for this trial format. And for having a smile and great attitude all weekend in the warmer-than-expected temperatures. 

Thank you also to the trial committee for working so hard to make everything nice and easy for the rest of us.  Great hospitality!  Fast course building!  Terrific volunteer coordination!  Thanks Palomar members and competitors for pitching in and helping wherever needed.

Despite the heat, we had some great accomplishments, and not always on the do over run! 

We celebrated Janemarie Watchorn and Charlie's NATCH!  Congratulations, girls!

And the following  list of achievements were documented (please let us know if we missed your new title!):

Vickie Lee Hill and Lucy: Novice TnGo

Scott Whittington and Romance: Superior Elite TnGo

Casey Gerdes and Shanti: Open TnGo

Lois Apfel and Neela: Novice Regular

Rita Wolkiewicz and Thomas: Elite Weavers

Kathy Upton and Rigel: Open Chances and Open Weavers

Thea Reed and Jack Sparrow: Novice TnGo

Ronni Russell and Ollie: Outstanding Novice Weavers

In addition, High In Trial was awarded to Scott Whittington and Lexis (Veteran), Joan Foeste and Savannah (Elite), Ronni Russell and Morimoto (Open), and Ronni Russell and Ollie (Novice).

Congratulations to everyone!   

We hope to see you at our next Palomar Agility Club trial in October. 

Maria Marshall
Trial Secretary
Maria Marshall

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Re: Palomar Agility's Deja Vu trial recap and brags
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Thanks for the fun weekend Arlene and PAC!

Ken Perlmutter

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