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Volunteers for Championships
« on: September 07, 2013, 05:47:43 PM »
My name is Audrey Bloxham and my e-mail address is  Although I have been unable to attend Championships for the past few years, I have prepared the volunteer list for the past several years and will do so again this year.

I am looking for people to volunteer as gate stewards, leash runners, and bar setters.  Also there is a position unique to the Championships called "waiting box management".  As competitors and dogs move through a number of boxes toward the start line, the person responsible for each of the boxes moves a team forward as the box in front of them empties.
The process of becoming a volunteeri at championships is as simple as sending me one e-mail with VOLUNTEER in the subject line.  In that e-mail, please answer the following questions carefully so that I have the information I need to assign each person where they can be used effectively without interfering with their personal schedule.

Question 1 - What are you entered in?  and what height group does your dog run in?  If you are running more than one dog, please list them all.

Question 2 - When can you NOT  volunteer?  You can assume I will not schedule you just before, during, or after your own runs.  If you have some other times that do not work for you, I need to know.

Question 3 - Do you prefer a cartain time of day?   Early?   Late?

Question 4 - Which of the jobs do you prefer?  Which ones are you not comfortable with?

I'm looking forward to hearing from ALL of you.  If everyone volunteers, no one will have to work too much.  If this is your first time at Championships, do not hesitate to volunteer; it is no more difficult than working your local trials, you get the opportunity to be in the middle of the action, you meet interesting new people, and it takes your mind off worrying about your next run.  You will be glad you did!

Thanks everyone and sart those e-mails coming

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