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ITZ Thanks and Congrats
« on: September 09, 2013, 05:33:03 PM »
We had two awesome weekends !!! One in MD 2 weekends ago and this past weekend in IL !
Both were extremely fun !!!

Thanks to Lark and Don for judging and bringing some awesome courses !!

Thanks to all the exhibitors for coming out and supporting our trials and for helping !!!   We couldnt hold trials without help and we really appreciate it !!

Thanks to Sharon for allowing us to use the Beta format !! Repeating the courses really saved time and our physical well being as it was hot both weekends and in IL we are very small group of dedicated people !!

We really had a good time doing the beta format. It was interesting and fun to try different leadouts or handling moves on the 2nd run !

CONGRATS ! n (Sorry if I get the # wrong. I am going from memory YIKES)
Tom Moloney Harmon and Piper..NATCH 22 Versatility NATCH 22
Sam Lietz and Schatzi    NATCH-8
Diana Deadrick and Chesnee Versatility NATCH
Bernie Doyle and Driven NATCH-3
Lisa Bonker and Tandem NATCH-1

and many many moments of brillance :) 

Be Well & Happy
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