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Toys for Tots - Jump Bars - Raffles - Shirts - Oh My!
« on: October 14, 2013, 10:49:18 AM »
Planning is in full swing for the 2013 10th anniversary celebration of the NADAC Toys for Tots Fundraiser!  We will be back in the indoor arena at Wild Winds Farm.  The Premium is out and available.  We are once again offering custom Toys for Tots Jump Bars for $25 if you are interested.  These have been very popular in years past and we have gotten great support from around the country.  You can take the bar home with you after the trial, or if you want, we can ship it to you.  We are also offering to place your bar in a specific location on a course if you want to bid on that location.  For instance you can bid to have your bar as the last bar in jumpers, etc.  We are also planning the great raffle once more and would welcome raffle items from all of our NADAC TFT supporters across the country, in Canada and Australia.  In addition, we hope to be selling shirts from NADAC Champs, NADAC Anniversary shirts, and maybe even limited edition 10th anniversary TFT/NADAC sweatshirts.  We also welcome cash or toy donations.  Several remote elves have done their shopping online and had their toys shipped to me.  We've already gotten 1 package from the big brown sleigh (UPS) already for this year.  If you are interested in a jump bar, raffle item, donation or supporting the TFT effort in any way, please contact me!  We couldn't do it without the fantastic support of NADAC and the NADAC community.  There isn't a better group out there!  If you are on Facebook and want to keep up with the TFT Fun (and maybe see some of the crazy videos of the contests) ask to join the "NADAC Toys for Tots NC" Facebook group.

Thanks for your support!

Ron Y - AKA The Big Elf
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