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Changing my Profile


Shirley Wallace:
I decided it was time to add a picture to my forum profile, except I can't get it to work.  I went under Profile, then Forum Profile, then Modify Profile.  Anyway, I clicked on the button for "Upload Avatar" ( the picture is on my desk top), then I get the picture chosen, but when I click the "Change Profile" button, it won't go any farther.  It starts the blue loading across the top, but then it just doesn't go anywhere.  Last night I waited half an hour before I just gave up.  Tried it again this a.m. but same thing happened.
Any ideas???

Linda W. Anderson:
Chris must have worked his magic because I just uploaded a new Avatar to my profile.

Shirley Wallace:
Thanks, Linda.  I tried again and the same thing happened.  The blue line for loading never goes past the "n" in nadac and at the bottom it says Contacting abut never loads.  I don't think it likes me very well.   :o
Any other ideas?

Chris Nelson:
Hmm...Try sending me the picture you want to upload.

Shirley Wallace:
Hi Chris,
I will send you the picture.  It must be something about the picture, because I could make a change when I took the picture out of the equation.


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