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Thanks from Canines in Action - Maryland
« on: October 16, 2013, 06:50:43 PM »
The CIA trial last weekend was a really great weekend!  Thanks to all who came, worked tirelessly, smiled, clapped for runs and helped their dogs have the best time of all of us!  Congratulations to the debuters - a truly special time for you!  We were so glad to share it and cheer you on!

Special thanks to our judge, Janet Ooms, who came South from Canada!!! (on the eve of her trip to NADAC Australia!)  She brought some fun courses and smiles for us all while really keeping things moving along all day!  She and Dominique Blom proved to be a pretty fast course building team   :)

Warm congratulations to the new Awards and Titles earned!  Nicole Bailey, our Ribbon Maven, is gonna be busy ordering before the December trial….

Kopper & Jean Wilkins – V-NATCH 26 & NATCH 26!!!
Trae & Paula Goss – NATCH 11!
Jinn & Nicole Bailey – Elite Triple Superior & Triple Triple Superior!!
June Bug & Madeline Meharg – V-NATCH 2 & NATCH 2!
Katydid & Catherine Christiansen – V-NATCH 2!
Cheyenne & Cathie Cage – NATCH!
Bailey & Cathy Wyatt – Open Superior Regular
Sarah and Melissa Reese – Open Triple Superior
Robey & Priscilla Warnock – Open Chances title & Open Outstanding Weavers
Catcher & Linda Hulbert – Novice Superior Chances & Novice Triple Superior
Wit & Jean Wilkins – Novice Regular title – his very FIRST TITLE!!
Lissie & Ashley Huffman - Novice Weavers title

See you for the December trial!  (Premium available on the CIA website - )

Priscilla Warnock, Lefty & Robey
Crownsville, MD