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Thanks Agility Junkies
« on: November 04, 2013, 03:38:26 PM »
Thanks Agility Junkies for a fun trial this past weekend.  We ran outside and although the weather on Saturday was cool, breezy and sometimes a bit wet (that's okay, we're from the Midwest - we're tough :) ) Sunday was a beautiful fall day.  Made for a great day for Henley and I to get our 2 Chances Q's which gave us our first NATCH !!  As you can see from the picture Henley was giving a little lovin' to our judge Lorne McGee after getting our NATCH.  Wow, what can I even say -  we went to Champs for the first time this year & made it to the finals and then got our first NATCH a short time after.  I have the best partner, Henley, to enjoy all of this with !!

Also a big congratulation to Bernie Doyle and Driven on their V-NATCH2 and Cheryl Carter and Magick on their first V-NATCH at this trial too !!