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Breakaway Action Dog Trial in MD, thanks
« on: November 26, 2013, 05:08:25 PM »
Had a great time at the Breakaway Action Dog (BAD) last trial of the year in Maryland.  The judge, Cory Wajda came with challenging and fun courses and as always lot of fun to work with.  The exhibitors were fantastic, having great runs, always ready to help work a class or hauling a sand bag too.  Special thanks to all who helped make this trial a success and a ton of fun.  Thanks to all BAD members who were there always pitching in from start to finish AND all the wonderful exhibitors who always willing to help out, we can’t run a trial without everyone’s help.  We had a great weekend, great weather on Saturday but we could have done without all that wind on Sunday and great fun.  Hope to see everyone at our January and February games trial in Frederick, MD.  Premiums available on our web site ( ) and agility events soon.

We had a lot of great runs, many titles earned as well as lots of purple ribbons flying out the door.  Some of the titles and brags were:
Jen & Valkyrie (who came down from Connecticut) earned their WV-O and TG-O title.
Fran & Nova earned their S-TG-E title.
Karen & Lucy earned their O-WV-N and O-TG-N titles.
Linda & Gillie earned their first TG-N Q.
Charlene & Bailey earned their O-TN-N and TG-N titles (and in Charlene’s words “Finally!”
Charlene & Casey earned their S-WV-N, S-TG-N, & TN-O titles.
Brenda & DC earned their TG-O title.
Shannon the handler & Miriam the mom & Miles earned their TG-N title.
Peggy & Chip earned their TG-O and S-WV-N titles.
Sam & Schatzi earned Versatility NATCH #9 on their TouchNGo run.

On a personal note with my dogs, Wit & I earned our TG-N Title.  And Zephyr & I earned our Versatility NATCH #1 on Weavers.  Just have to say how proud I am of Zephyr who went 9 months without a weavers Q to then get 5 in a row, he amazes me.

As you can see we had lots of Novice people who came out and had a ton of fun and lots of good times.  Thanks to everyone who came out & supported BAD in 2013 and we are looking forward to a great 2014 and you all coming and playing with us.  Hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  See you all in 2014.  Check our website for premiums for our upcoming trials at:  .

Jean, Trial Chair
Kopper, Zephyr & Wit who love this trial and just play having fun
Jean Wilkins
Zephyr, Wit, & Autumn