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Jean Wilkins

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Re: Hoopers
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Breakaway Action Dogs (BAD) in Frederick, Maryland offer Hoopers at their April & August trials.

Artful Dodgers in Maryland offers Hoopers at their June trial in Frederick, MD and November trial in Millersville, MD.

Come plays with us. :)

We go up to Dover so it is driveable for you.

Member of BAD, Artful, & Pawzazz......these clubs all like hoopers!!
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Re: Hoopers
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Re: Hoopers
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Any ring time is good time.  Never a waste.

I'd be in the ring for every run offered with each of my dogs if it was feasible. However, when you run four dogs sometimes you have to be a bit choosier about you enter. That's when goals come into play. And since the All Around is not one of my goals, I tend to spend my money on classes that will help me achieve the goals I do have set for myself and my dogs.

My new dog got entered in Hoopers at her first trial this month because I figured it would be a low-pressure easy class for her to get some ring experience. It's nice for that sort of thing (doesn't require the brain power of weaving or contacts, for example).

Personally, I have many other ways of testing my handling and challenging myself more than Hoopers does. I enjoy Hoopers, but just don't have the money to throw at it anymore. It's not like we don't see plenty of hoops in the other classes anyhow...

Shirley Wallace

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Re: Hoopers
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There's another bonus to hoopers besides testing your handling skills (or lack thereof  :P ) - I have found hoops to be a great help in rehabbing dogs that are recovering from injuries.  No jumps, no contacts, no weaves, but the dog is able to get out and play and be active.  A hoopers class may be a problem with quick turns, etc., but it's a good form of exercise.
Shirley in MN, who has used a hoops a fair amount for rehab purposes
Shirley Wallace

Maureen deHaan

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Re: Hoopers
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Speaking of Hoopers and its "worth":

The shelter where I rent ring space in the winter is small with a crappy floor so my classes are focused on hoopers and EGC style stuff with tunnels - we don't jump or really work other equipment in the winter months that often - all we work on in the winter is handling handling handling - and hoops, barrels and gates tell you wonders - just today we were working serpentines with just hoops and how to effectively draw the path using a tight and or a switch - using crosses or not staying close or using distance depended on the team- those that can draw the path had no problem with a serpentine in any way - even a double switch serp - those that have poor path drawing skills could not get through a 3 hoop serp - and they probably could with jumps - even the two 7 month old puppies did great on the hoop serp b/c the handlers know how to draw the path - much to the chagrin of the advanced handlers who don't effectively do so :)  just saying' there is a LOT of worth in hoops (and barrels and gates) whether or not you enter it in a trial - a useful training tool -

We at Play~Bow love and embrace the hoop and EGC!!

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