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Phoenix fun-raiser
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:09:44 PM »
Hi, everyone!
  I hope to see lots of you next week in Phoenix!  We will be having a lot of run with a really good group of Jumping Chollas members helping us out!!

   Just a note for those that have waited until now to enter.   When you click that you are paying by mail, the fees will probably not be here before I leave so I will probably have your entry marked as unpaid when I arrive.

   I can have Amanda and Becky checking mail while I am gone but be aware that might be a small issue!  So if you are just entering now, please take a copy of your check to bring with you to show that you have submitted payment for the trial!

   We will have lots of great courses waiting for you when you arrive and lots of judges there to judge your runs.   We are having a judging clinic that week and they are all eager to set some great courses for you!