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Bonker Online Discrimination Class
« on: January 23, 2014, 04:46:54 AM »

This class will teach you to train consistent and reliable discriminations.  You will learn the proper cues for teaching “OUT” and “IN”. 

Throughout the course, step by step progressive training exercises will be given.   Each week’s lesson will consist of notes, exercises and videos of me training my dogs doing the exercises. Many of my videos will show you how I teach and handle discriminations with young dogs (I have two 15 month old puppies that are just learning discriminations) as well as fast elite dogs and motivationally challenged dogs.   This will give you a prime opportunity to see the consistency in my handling system with different types of dogs.

Working participants will post their video training session performing the exercises.  And I will post feedback and suggestions.  We will also have training discussions. Both working and auditors will have access to the discussions and will be able to see all the posts in this class.

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